Sales for February were a little behind last year at 22 (SF-10, Con-11, Dup-0 & Lot-1) versus 2010 which were 27 (SF-14, Con-9, Dup-3 & Lot-1) but still a respectable number of sales.  Of the 22 properties sold in February only 4 were distressed properties (SF-3, Con-1) versus 2010 where 10 of the 27 sold were distressed (SF-5, Con-4, Dup-1).  Year-to-Date Sales through Feb 28, 2011 are at 38 (SF-18, Con-17, Dup-1 & Lot-2) compared to the same period in 2010 at 41 (SF-22, Con-14, Dup-3 & Lot-2).  Sales continue to look strong with pended properties (properties under contract) at 60 (SF-28, Con-25, Dup-4 & Lot-3).  Pended properties have been in the 50-65 range for the past nine months which is why we’re seeing such strong sales.  The inventory has been lingering at just over 500 with current inventory at 518 (SF-258, Con-182, Dup-31 & Lot-47).  Of the current inventory 33 are distressed properties (SF-16, Con-25, Dup-4 & Lot-3) or about 6% of the inventory.  If you look at sales for the last 12 months at 319 versus the previous 12 months at 251 it demonstrates how strong the sales have been in the past year compared to past years (2010-317, 2009-233, 2008-211, 2007-199, 2006-138 and the peak year 2005-438).  You can see how the number of sales has been building since 2005.  As I mentioned in past newsletters the average number of yearly sales on the island is about 250. 
 It was another good month for Frank and Al’s Great Buy’sFrom last month’s list I put two properties under contract 787 Jacaranda and 2915 Avenue E, both great buys and both great rentals.  Also a short sale, 100-A 52nd St was on last month’s list and although it did not go under contract I did put 100-B 52nd St. under contract.  If you want another chance than 100-A 52nd St. is still available.  This month’s list has some excellent buys.  3103 Avenue E, listed at $669K, is a new land condo with gulf views and five houses from the beach and is an excellent buy and would be an excellent rental.  If you’re looking for west of gulf drive in the city of Anna Maria, 111 Oak listed at $699K is a circa 1926 classic historical cottage with a lot of charm and by adding a pool and some cosmetic updates would also be a great rental.  With building costs still at historical lows (you can build for $150/sq ft what cost at peak $350/sq ft)  the two lots at Banyan Tree Estates, three properties from the beach listed at $699K, allows you to build your dream home in a great location.  Now is the time to build if you are considering it because it looks like material costs are going to rise in the future.  Email or call me for more information on these or any other properties.
 Any of you who have been on the island in the last couple months know firsthand that this year has been a great year for rentals.  We were up about 6% in the winter months, mainly due to increased rental rates because demand is always high, but the summer months are up 50%.  That increase is due primarily to increased demand and that demand caused many renters not to get there first choices last summer and are booking earlier this year.  The standardized linen service is off and running and is going relatively well.  Most of the initial comments have been positive and we’re working out the few glitches we have stumbled upon.  One thing it has done is move some responsibility regarding linens from the owners to Island Real Estate which should make it much easier on the owners.
 To summarize, sales into February continue to be strong and with inventory at traditional levels and pended properties strong, it seems that it will continue into the near future.  Island Real Estate sales have been strong as well with 5 closings in February and 22 properties put under contract.  Since we are only two months into the year there is not enough data to change the trend charts.  Most of the graphs use quarterly or yearly data so by next month when we have a full quarter of data then we can get a better picture of the current trends.

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