Sales for February 2013 at 25 (SF-12, Con-13, Dup-0 & Lot-0) got back to par with February 2012 at 27 (SF-16, Con-8, Dup-2 & Lot-1). Sales for the first two months of 2013 were 43 (SF-20, Con-20, Dup-0 & lot-3) down 27% from 2012 at 55 (SF-29, Con-19, Dup-4 & Lot-3). Although we’re off to a slower start than 2012 it’s not significant if you look at sales activity, inventory and momentum I believe we will see as strong a 2013 as was 2012 as we get into the middle of the year. Sales for the last 12 months were 419 (SF-236, Con-127, Dup-23 & Lot-33) up 17% over the previous 12 months at 357 (SF-185, Con-128, Dup-19 & Lot-25). Of the sales for the last 12 months distressed properties were only 10% at 44 (SF-20, Con-21, Dup-3 & Lot-0) compared to the previous 12 months where 17% or 61 (SF-19, Con-32, Dup-7 & Lot-3) were distressed. Currently there are only 7 distressed properties in the inventory or .02% with all 7 being short sales. Pended properties (properties under contract) continue to be strong at 61 (SF-33, Con-11, Dup-12 & Lot-5) up from last month at 51 and the previous month at 38. Inventory on the island is 351 (SF-165, Con-109, Dup-32 & Lot-45) down from the previous months 366.
This month’s Frank, Larry and Al’s Great Buys have not changed from last month’s newsletter. The best properties from a rental standpoint are the ones closest to the beach preferably west of gulf drive. Currently there are only 19 properties for sale west of gulf drive and of those 19 only 8 are under $1 million. Of those 8 only 4 would be great rental properties. By great I mean cover all the operating costs plus all or most of the mortgage. The best of these 4 is still 2916 Avenue E at $629K which with 30% down covers all the operating cost and the mortgage. This property doesn’t require anything done to it to continue getting the $65K in annual rental income (I’ve attached the “Cost of Ownership” analysis in the back of this newsletter). The next best property from an investment point of view is 115 36th St listed at $599K. This property would need a pool and landscaping ($45K) but would generate in the neighborhood of $60K in gross annual rentals. The 3rd Property is 109 Cedar Ave. listed at $879K. It’s a 4 bedroom/2 bath, 1,412 sqft, with a pool very close to the beach. The fourth property is 3603 4th Ave listed at $959K with a pool a roof top deck and views of the gulf and inter-coastal (even the skyway bridge). Check out the virtual tours 3 of the 4 are on this month’s Frank, Larry and Al’s Great buys.
To summarize the island market sales since the beginning of 2011 have continued to build to a 30 year peak in 2012 to numbers that were only seen in 2004 and 2005. Single family sales were at an all time high in 2012 and we continue to see this trend. Single family sales in 2012 were 56% of the total sale compared to 51% in 2011. The distribution of single family sales for the last 12 months continues to hold at 80% <$700K, 94% <$ 1million and 6% over $1 million. We are starting to see more single family sales over $1 million and that’s a good sign for the high end market. Condo sales for the last 12 months were 79% <$400K, 91% <$500K and only 1 sale over $1 million. Single family sales over the last 12 months accounted for 56% of the total sales while condo’s accounted for 30% of the total sales or together for 86% of the total sales.
In the broader market, according to the National Association of Realtors, the median list price nationally is slightly down but is up 3.73% for the Sarasota-Bradenton market. Inventories in the Sarasota-Bradenton market, like the island, continue to shrink with 6,640 listings a 20.25% decline over a year ago. Interest rates continue to be at all time lows with 30 year fixed at 3.5%, 15 year fixed at 2.75% and 30 year fixed jumbo loans at 3.875%. No one knows when the FED will start raising interest rates but as soon as they see signs of inflation it won’t be long after that. Buy now if you’re going to buy mortgage money is not going to get any cheaper.

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