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4 bed, 3 bath, caged pool, Tampa Bay Front Home


Sales for January 2015 got off to a little slower start this year at 30 ( SF-15, Con-9, Dup-3 & Lot-3) compared to January 2014 at 37 ( SF-22, Con-10, Dup-3 & Lot-2) . Sales for the last 12 months were 374 ( SF-212, Con-105, Dup-34 & Lot-23) down 13% over the previous 12 months at 428 ( SF-251, Con- 123, Dup-30 & Lot-24). Of the sales for the last 12 months distressed properties were only 6% of the sales at 22 ( SF-10, Con-3, Dup-9 & Lot-0) compared to the previous 12 months where 9% or 39 ( SF-18, Con- 13, Dup-7 & Lot-1) were distressed. Currently there are only 4 distressed properties or 1% of the inventory of 296 (SF-160, Con-84, Dup-21 & Lot-31). They are comprised of two single family properties, one single family is a short sale and one single family is a bank owned. Of the two distressed condos, one condo is a short sale and one condo is bank owned. Pended properties (properties under contract) are strong at 42 (SF-28, Con-10, Dup-3 & Lot-1) up from 25 last month and well above the average. Inventory on the island continues to remain below 300 at 296 (SF-160, Con-84, Dup-21 & Lot-31) from 284 last month and below 300 for the last eight months.

Another two of Frank, Scott & Al’s Great Buy’s went under contract since the last newsletter. The elegantly stunning home at 114 Beach listed at $2,499,900 went under contract and is due to close on March 9, 2015. Also under contract is the single family beach cottage at 121 49th St listed at $899,900 on a conforming duplex lot and is due to close on April 3, 2015. There are still a few very strong investment buys. 3603 4th Ave is a 3 bedroom/3 bath townhouse with elevator, pool and a roof top deck with awesome views of the gulf and inter-coastal and an excellent rental. This property is ideal for someone who wants a property in a great location (three houses to the beach) and in move-in condition. 120 50th St is another property in a great location (west of Gulf Drive – 4 houses to the beach), 3 bedroom/3 bath all on one floor up, elevator, 2-car garage, pool and lushly landscaped grounds with large covered area. Check out the rest of the Great Buy’s attached.

To summarize the island market, although we only have sales for one month of 2015, it looks like the strong sales activity we have had over the last couple years will continue and we should end up the year with sales in the high 300’s or low 400’s. The fact that we had a low inventory (below 300) for most of 2014 is the reason we ended up with sales for 2014 at 381 instead of the 408 and 431 of the previous two years. I think sales in the high 300’s is very healthy and keeps the market from getting too overheated but is still well above the sales for the average year in this market of 250. The amount of people who are looking at property continues to be strong. That’s the prime reason that the inventory has been at the low levels they have been over the past year. Another reason is, outside of the stock market, there isn’t anywhere else to put your money that’s relatively safe other than real estate. If you look at January 2014 sales at 37 compared to January 2015 sales of 30 we got another great start for the year. If you look at January sales over the last eleven years (2005-2015) January 2015 sales have only been higher in 2014 at 37. Single family sales continue to be well above the peak year of 2005. Single family and condo sales historically make up 80% of the total sales on the island and duplex’s and lots make up the other 20%. Over the last 12 months single family and condo sales accounted for 85% of the total sales and single families were 57% of the total and condos 28% of the total. As far as sales prices go in the last 12 months, 23% of the total single family sales were under $500K, 59% were under $750K, 27% were between $750K and $1 million and 15% were over 1 Million. Of condo sales on the island in the last 12 months, 80% were under 500K, 95% were under 750K, 2% were between $750K and $1 million, and 3% were over $1 Million dollars. This shows single family sales continue to be the strongest part of the market on the island. If you look at single family and condo sales over the past couple years the under $500K percentage of sales has continued to drop which is another sign of rising prices.

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